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We add the “Spark” to your Experience

Welcoming guests since 2015

Now more than ever, we appreciate you, our guests, patrons and partners. THANK YOU for your support in doing this meaningful work.

The San Francisco Bay Area is truly a world-class destination which so much to offer. With our local-experts planning your experience, you can hike among Redwood giants, explore salt water tide pools, taste fabulous wine and eat delicious international cuisine all in one day.

We are also one of the most open and inclusive metropolitan regions in the world, proudly celebrating our incredibly creative, diverse community.  You are welcome here.

We are proud to be a woman-owned small business and an environmentally responsible tour operator. We also work hard to be a constructive member of our local community, fair employer and partner to all our suppliers.

Meet Our Team

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Heather White

Manager and Lead Guide

A true San Franciscan at heart, what gets Heather out of bed on foggy mornings is fresh-roasted coffee and warm sourdough bread (plus one extremely persistent terrier!).

Heather grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is passionate about welcoming people to her home. From the first moment you meet, she strives to make every guest feel like she’s your new “old-friend” in San Francisco.

After +10 years as a professional guide, Heather adores her job.  She’s incredibly grateful for the amazing opportunities that come with a career in travel— not only has she traveled the world, but meets the most fascinating people (like you!) along the way.

Heather came to guiding by blending a business, tech and education background. She designed her first tour itinerary while managing Executive Programs at UC Berkeley Haas. Realizing that the University didn’t offer the caliber of campus visits that her visiting scholars, dignitaries and senior professionals needed, she created one herself. Over time, that evolved into Silicon Valley corporate site visits and sightseeing excursions in San Francisco and Wine Country. After eight years connecting the higher-ed and business world, Heather leaped into to hospitality full-time. This background has helped her be uniquely prepared to serve as an ambassador for discerning visitors and locals.

She is also extremely proud to have served +9 years as a Tour Director and French River Cruise Team Lead for the nation’s oldest and most respected luxury tour operator, TAUCK World Discoveries. She feels strongly that doing the right thing and “how you see the world” truly does matter!

In addition to a Master’s Degree in Education, she’s completed several industry certifications:

  • San Francisco Tour Guide Guild (SFTGG)
  • International Tour Management Institute (ITMI)
  • International Association of Tour Directors and Guides (IATDG)
  • International Association of Travel Agents (IATA)
  • SFTravel, the Official San Francisco Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Certified Travel Ambassadors (CTA)
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Senior Guide

A San Franciscan by choice, Todd moved to the City from Arizona in 2009 in search of cooler weather and an urban lifestyle.  Many years later, he’s built an exciting life around a community of like-minded friends and loves showing off his new home to visitors from around the world. 

Todd entered the tourism industry straight out of college and after 20 years leads trips for Trafalgar and Insight Vacations throughout the USA and eastern Canada.  He makes it a point to leave the country every year to explore the world and enjoys learning about culture and history while seeking out local food and craft beer. 

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Lead Travel Photographer

Valerie has over 12 years of experience as a professional photographer.  She and her trusty camera have traveled throughout the world, serving thousands of clients.  A talented lifestyle photographer, Valerie excels at capturing happy moments and emotions with a style best described as bright, poetic and joyful.  Portfolio @gusevaphoto

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Chief Geek

Cedric began his career as a classically trained artist and Imagineer for the Walt Disney Company at Disneyland Paris. He eventually taught himself to code and transitioned into digital arts and UI/UX. Cedric started coming to San Francisco many years ago as an annual MacWorld attendee and fell in love with the City. He dreamed of one day moving permanently to this “Baghdad by the Bay”… then nine years ago he got his chance! He arrived with two suitcases and one Ikea sofa and is now living the American Dream.

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Chief Officer of Happiness

As an original co-founder of Spark Experiences, Sparky played a critical role in product development, particularly in the selection of gourmet snacks and refreshment we provide to guests. Now semi-retired, he continues to make valuable contributions as a member of our Board. In his spare time, he also enjoys long walks on the beach and playing fetch.

Looking for something special?

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Share your dreams with us, then let our local experts design a custom experience just for you!